Coorporative & Events

Chair Yoga and Chair Massage Express

Coorporative/chair Yoga is a new field of knowledge applicable in the companies, schools, events and for people that would not have possibility to sit on the ground for a Traditional Yoga practice.
The Coorporarive/chair Yoga welcome everyone to develop mindfulness through Yoga. A few techniques are applicable in the sessions such as, breathing exercises, psicophysical movements, relaxation, self massage, mental concentration, ergomonic techniques among others.
Through a basic frequent practice of awareness development, the quality of life, social networking, productivity personal and professional will be improving naturally. This mindfulness approaching of life will bring to people emotional and rational intelligence permitting people being able to cope with the fast changing of contemporary life, avoiding stress, anxiety, fears, releasing toxins related to the accelerated environment.
Betom Mollica (25′ years experience) has been working in many companies and events with this approaching as Google Maps, Rehab, Xerox, Fusion Sundays Market, Shake Festival, Body and Soul Festival, Yogific Festival, Master of Calm Festival, among others in Ireland and abroad, towards this direction, promoting wellbeing wherever people is based, working or having fun. Practice it before you need it.
Call Betom Mollica, for visiting your place and apply a few techniques sequence of mindfulness, awaken of the consciousness and self knowledge for the people that makes your place be in a high level of satisfaction, contentment, efficient and productive.