The Lantern Intercultural Centre – 15, Synge Street, Portobello, Dublin 8

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Contribution Fees


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6 pm 6 pm 10:30 am
7 pm


Contribution Fees

Drop in class 1 Month pass 6 Month pass 1 Year pass
€20 €55 €330 €660

* Student fee available with valid student card.

* 50% Discount voucher, for the first month for any new practitioner.

Is Traditional Shivam Yoga for everybody?

The Traditional Shivam Yoga does not classify the practitioners into groups! We believe that a Shivam Yoga Class can be for anyone who has the desire of living a better life. The Shivam Yoga Teacher will support the “Yoguins” to realize their limits and possibilities. The techniques of this traditional methodology can be executed in different levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.

This methodology is very strong in Brazil and we believe that is the best way to the development of people on all levels: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It is not Bakti (religious) Yoga. Shivam Yoga is attached with the laws of the life of the Nature, the Universe. It is based on Sankhya and Tantra philosophies. Shivam Yoga is pure self development by itself. Practice Shivam Yoga before you need it!

Do I need to book or not?

The class is a first come and first served basis. You just  need to drop in, arriving between 10 and 15 minutes in advance. Usually there are 20 places per class. In case the class is full, please, wait for the next session. But usually, it is not overfull.

If you need any extra info, please, e-mail

Om Shiva!

Do I have to become a member?

No, there is no membership policy or structure at our classes. You can come as many times as you like.

Bank Holiday’s Yoga classes

Shivam Yoga Classes are running as usual on Bank Holydays too!

Shivam Yoga Choreography

If you are interested to join up our Shivam Yoga Choreography Group, contact us to book your training ASAP Free of charge!

Search on Google Brasil: Shivam Yoga Coreografia and Swasthya Yoga! Have a look and enjoy. It is really beautiful!

Important Information

  • Be sure to let the teacher know before a class if you have any form of injury or serious illness, or if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby.
  • Leave approximately half an hour after drinking liquids and 2-4 hours after solid foods (depending on how much you’ve eaten) before practising yoga postures. Allow your body time to digest food and eliminate liquids.
  • Please leave your shoes in the hallway when you arrive and switch off all mobile phones.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movements or breathing.
  • The timetable may change from term to term, so please call for an update or see timetable page on website.
    • We are closed for Easter Weekend and August Bank Holidays.
  • We have private classes by appointment, please ask the teacher for availability.
  • In yoga there is no competition. This is your opportunity to practice relaxed awareness of body, breath and mind.
  • Be regular in your practice. Have patience. Do not expect overnight results. Results will come in a surprisingly short time of their own accord with consistent effort.
  • Enjoy!