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Beto's Biography

Beto has 24 years of experience with Shivam Yoga and 17 years with Ayurvedic Massage. He is graduated as Nutritionist as well at Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP) – Brazil. He has been practicing Traditional Shivam Yoga since 1994. Beto is 41 years old now.

He used to work with Traditional Shivam Yoga methodology, Ayurvedic Massage and Human Nutrition all his professional life in São Paulo – Brazil until 2007 when arrived in Dublin.


Shivam Yoga System

Theoretical Introduction

Shivam Yoga is a philosophical and therapeutic system combining psychology and science. This traditional methodology respects the original source of Yoga knowledge which began between 7 and 10 thousands years in the Dravidian Civilization.

The Shivam Yoga is grounded on two philosophic bases called Sankhya and Tantra philosophies.

Shankhya explains about the existence of the life and Universe based on Universal laws, mainly Karma and Dharma laws.

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Expand Your Consciousness

Anyone that practices Shivam Yoga seeks the improvement of conscious as a focus of daily living. This is found by observing oneself. We observe the way we express ourselves through our experiences so as to cultivate a renewed awareness of this world, Nature and the Universe.

Whereas the main goal of Shivam Yoguim is the full comprehension, understanding, awareness of the life the Universe called Samadhi.

There’s an affirmative understanding of the life. These philosophies say we have to be happy and fulfilled here and now. This sight of the existence does not deny this life to be happy later on any new existence.

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Yoga Classes in Dublin

The Lantern Intercultural Centre.
15, Synge Street, Portobello, Dublin 8


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
- - 7 pm - 6 pm 10:30 am -
- - - - - -

Contribution Fees

Drop in class 1 Month pass 6 Month pass 1 Year pass
€20 €55 €330 €660

* Student fee available with valid student card.

* 50% Discount voucher, for the first month for any new practitioner.


The Lantern Intercultural Centre

15, Synge Street, Portobello, Dublin 8


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